Top 9 Must Have Funny Christmas T-Shirts

You’ve heard of the ugly Christmas sweater. How about the funniest Christmas t-shirt? They are out there and each year a whole new crop of them appear.

But which ones are the top must have funny Christmas t-shirts? It depends on what you consider to be funny. Here is our list and see if it makes you laugh any or not:

1 – Santa Is A Woman

Well, we suppose it is possible but since we live in a world where human rights are sometimes protected and sometimes not…the line gets a little blurry. So, maybe Santa is a woman.

Mrs Claus Dabbing


2 – Dear Santa, Please Impeach

Politics are always a target. Not always at Christmastime unless – of course – you live in a place where you can’t say Christmas and have to resort to the generic Happy Holidays instead.


3 – Ask Your Mom If I’m Real

Oh, Santa! Sometimes you shouldn’t kiss and tell. This t-shirt is popular for a number of reasons. It can be an insult, compliment, joke or just a random statement. Only Santa knows for sure.


4 – The Ultimate Dad Bod

Just not logging enough time in the gym over the past year? No problem. With this t-shirt you’ll be able to look like Arnold without actually having to put out the effort. A real win-win.


5 – I Do It For The Ho’s

Sometimes Santa is a jolly old elf. Other times he’s a naughty old elf. If you find yourself crossing the line between the two, this t-shirt will get you some laughs and a ho-ho-ho!

I do it for the ho ho ho's


6 – Go Elf Yourself

Well, if there ever was an insult that got a holiday makeover and still sounds a bit offensive, this would be the one. It’s fun to say and is no longer PG rated when you add an elf to the mix.

Go Elf Yourself


7 – Let’s Get Lit

Smokers (and tokers) will see the humor in this one. Usually you see these words on a t-shirt that has a huge Christmas tree on it as well. As if that was going to change the meaning any.

Let's get lit


8 – Dear Santa, My Brother Did It

Kids say the darnedest things, don’t they? That’s especially when they don’t want to lose their place on to Nice List and end up on the Naughty List. No one likes a tattle-tale, right?

Dear Santa, my brother did it


9 – This Is My Christmas Pajama Shirt (By Yayprint)

Okay, we’ll let this one go. It’s more cute than funny unless you don’t normally wear pajamas and that will make this t-shirt a lot funnier than we thought. Hope you have the right size!

Let Us Help You Create A Funny Christmas T-Shirt

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Assuming you went into the create side, you’ll find all kinds of tools to help you make someone’s Christmas funny and full of joy. Merry Christmas from all of us at YayPrint!

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