Why Custom T-Shirts Make Great Marketing Tools

You’ve seen them before. You may even own a few in your wardrobe. T-shirts that have been used specifically to advertise of promote a business or service are effective marketing tools.

Even if the world of advertising is shifting more and more into the digital realm, there are still many great ways to promote yourself with an old-school approach.


Here are a few reasons why t-shirt advertising is still relevant in today’s world of online promotion.

1 – They’re Cheap

Okay, before we get into this one any further we have to clarify our statement. When we say cheap, we mean inexpensive. When you compare the cost of any other form of advertising to what you will pay for custom t-shirts you will find that you are saving quite a bit of money with this clothing item. It won’t be the least expensive choice, but it will be near the bottom.

2 – They’re Visual

Out of all the different forms of advertising, one typically gets your attention faster than the others. That format includes visual images. That is why print, billboards and digital marketing tools are still popular. They have an impact with the imagery used in getting your message across. The same principle applies to custom t-shirts as they are visual products.

3 – They’re Memorable

Nothing stands out more than something that is catchy and easy to remember. When you use a custom t-shirt to promote your business or service, you have access to a fair amount of space to be creative and unique. In order for your brand to break away from the others in the pack, you need an easy to remember, but unusual tactic. Custom t-shirts do all of that for you.

4 – They’re Everywhere

One of the most interesting things about advertising is that you need your message to reach people on a regular basis. A billboard sign will only be noticed when looked at in a passing vehicle. Custom t-shirts can be viewed for longer periods of time and reach people in the places where they congregate rather than places they zip by on the way to somewhere else.

5 – They’re Hard To Ignore

When you are trying to get your message to people, who may become future customers, you need to reach as many as you can. With custom t-shirts worn in busy areas you can get your message in front of a lot of people and that is called ‘reach.’ If your t-shirts stay in the closet or on a shelf, they don’t get the opportunity to do their job and be seen by others.

6 – They’re Working All The Time

A newspaper ad is only as good as the time the newspaper is being viewed. A custom promotional t-shirt works to get your message across as long as the garment is being worn. Typically, that means it’ll be visible all day long. No other form of advertising can match the penetration that you can get with marketing used on clothing items.

YayPrint Never Closes!

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Plus, there’s a section of trending t-shirts to give you some added inspiration.

When you need promotional t-shirts that you can custom design anytime, anywhere, turn to YayPrint and we’ll save you money from your advertising budget.


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