7 Best T-Shirt Design Ideas on the Internet in 2023

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You probably already know that t-shirts are a big part of the average person’s wardrobe. Chances are that your closets are probably stuffed with a number of them as well.

Some of them you would have purchased, others may have been given to you as gifts and there are others that you may have picked up in your travels from friends or even thrift store shopping for new clothes.

Regardless of how you got them, t-shirts are a great fashion accessory. Plus, as a highly visible ‘mini-poster’ designers have taken the garment and used it for some of the most inventive t-shirt designs available.

Tshirt design ideas
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Let’s take a look at some of our favorite T-Shirt Design Ideas

1 – The Kawaii T-Shirt Design

Picture this: you are wearing your cleanest white t-shirt. It looks great however, the shirt features a graphic of a huge hand. The hand happens to be positioned in such a way that from any distance you appear to be gently squeezed by that hand.

The graphic even includes lines that make the t-shirt look like it is getting bunched up as part of the squeeze being put on you. It’s so simple but dynamic and we put this t-shirt design at the top of our list.


2 – Halloween Maternity Shirt

Here’s a variation on a theme that will turn heads wherever you go.

You’ve seen the typical maternity shirt with an arrow pointing down to the bulging belly with a message of some kind on it related to a baby coming to join a family.

Well, this t-shirt design is of an x-ray. It shows Mom’s ribcage and spine but where the baby bulge happens to be is an x-ray view of a baby who also happens to be smiling.

It’s an inventive twist on maternity shirts.


3 – I’m Fine, Really – It’s Just A Flesh Wound

We blame it on the zombie invasion. In our view, there is no other logical explanation for this unique and somewhat disturbing t-shirt design.

It’s a plain white tee with some added extras. What will draw your eye first is what appears to be a great deal of blood and goop that appears to be oozing from your right side.

However, there’s no need to worry because printed on the chest of the tee are the words “I’m fine.” Just don’t turn your back on the wearer.


4 – Resident Evil Zombie T-Shirt

Speaking of zombies…here is a video game and movie franchise that single-handedly connected the evil doings of an underground (literally) corporation to a virus that has essentially wiped out the majority of the Earth’s inhabitants and turned them into zombies.

This tee is all black but promotes Resident Evil in two ways.

There are word marks on the front and back of the t-shirt and when you flip the front over your head, a zombie’s face appears. Yikes!


5 – Marshall Music Experiential T-Shirts

Because t-shirts make such good places to advertise and promote products, our list would not be complete without a blatant example of this.

Marshall Music gets the nod for this innovative pair of tees. They are white with the company logo across the chest but the most incredible part of the t-shirt design is that one features a stand-up microphone, complete with shadowing, that looks so real you can pretend to be singing into it. The other tee features headphones.


6 – Venetian Blind T-Shirt

Okay, maybe this should be our top pick. The front of the white tee features a graphic of a closed Venetian blind. There is also a drawstring that hangs in the proper position of your ordinary Venetian blind.

What makes this such an amazing t-shirt design is the way in which the drawstring works.

All you do is give it a gentle pull and the front of the t-shirt starts to pull upwards from the waist. We see this one as a popular gift for couples to enjoy.


7 – Personal Trainer T-Shirt

Imagine being stuck in the gym without any clear idea of how long you’ve been working out. Sure, there’s a clock on the wall but that’s too easy. All you need to do is wear this tee and you’ll be fine.

It is Grey in color and has a scale that runs down the front with time increments marked off.

All you do is trace your sweat stains to the timeline and you’ll know how long you’ve been on the treadmill or whatever. It may not be pretty, but it does tell time, sort of.


Great T-Shirt Designs Ideas Are All Around Us

It’s true. You may even have an idea that could become a popular t-shirt design. To share your creativity you can visit one of many online t-shirt design sites and get working on your newest creation.

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