All Time Best Rick And Morty T-Shirts

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You’ve heard of Rick and Morty, right? The adult animated science fiction sitcom that features the pair is in its fourth season. The program is funny, weird and has spawned a whole collection of related merchandise including several different Rick and Morty t-shirts.

But before we take a look at the all time best, let’s remind you first who these two are. Rick Sanchez is a cynical mad scientist and Morty Smith is his good-hearted but anxious grandson. The program follows their misadventures as the pair spends time in the present as well as in other dimensions. Their popularity continues to grow and, so far, shows no sign of peaking at this point.


With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top Rick and Morty clothing items.

1 – I’m Sorry, But Your Opinion Means Very Little To Me

The classic line uttered frequently by Rick Sanchez. It appears on a Grey t-shirt with sky blue printing below a large Rick and Morty silhouette of Rick’s head. You’ll recognize both in an instant and turn heads with this tee.

2 – Get Your S#!t Together!

Here’s a classic Morty line that is a total of 64 words long. It covers the entire front of this black t-shirt in various size block letters in white to emphasis the importance of getting all your stuff together in one place. It capsulates Morty’s anger in a way that could not be better displayed. It even has a picture of Morty ‘unloading’ this missive to an unsuspecting young girl.

3 – Straight Outta C-137

Thanks to gangsta rap, we have seen several parodies on the theme of N. W. A.’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ line and word marks. This specific Rick and Morty merchandise takes it just a little bit further…to a dimension a far, far ways away from Compton. It’s a great looking grey tee with lime green word marks.

4 – I’m Pickle Rick

Considered one of the most popular episodes of the Rick and Morty franchise, Pickle Rick lives on in this stunning black tee. It has a rather annoyed Pickle Rick graphic along with the chilling words you would never want to hear on a dark night alone…I’m Pickle Rick!!!

5 – It’s Time To Get Schwifty

You knew that sooner or later the ‘schwifty’ stuff was going to appear on this list. Well, when you have a catchphrase that is one word only and instantly identifies the source, you know you have a winner. This particular Rick and Morty t-shirt features Rick in lab coat on one knee leaning towards you with microphone in hand. Above him in red are the words, “It’s Time To Get Schwifty!” All of this is on a stunning grey tee.

6 – I Want That Szechuan Sauce

If you have been following the adventures of Rick and Morty for any length of time you will know that Rick is a fan of Szechuan sauce. Okay, calling him a fan is not quite right. Obsessed is a word that comes to mind. Anyway, this black t-shirt has a large Rick graphic with some Chinese food and the words above in blood red. Quick, someone get some packets, now!

7 – Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Any one of those great parodies only this time it pokes fun at the well known and highly recognized Hunter S. Thompson graphic. Only this time it features Rick and Morty, larger than life, in Hawaiian t-shirts living the life of Vegas rats.

8 – Wubbalubba Dub-Dub

You’ve heard Rick say this more than once. In fact, often you need to hear it more than once to actually understand what was said. It’s a Rick thing and this item in the Rick and Morty shop is on a grey t-shirt with a large Rick headshot in the centre.e. The catchphrase surrounds his head.

Need To Find More Rick And Morty Official Merchandise?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the all time best Rick and Morty clothes. This is just a small sample of what is available online. For a true fan of the scientist and grandson pair, you’ll want to add a few of these to your wardrobe as soon as possible. After all, isn’t it about time you got schwifty?

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