Back To School Custom Clothing Ideas

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As Back To School season is upon us, it’s time to think about getting back into the routine that was dropped to make room for the summer holidays or a summer job. But before you start hitting the books, Yayprint has some ideas on how you can make going back to school a little more fun with custom T-shirts, hoodies, or hats. Let us inspire you to explore your creativity.

Does your school have a number of clubs you can participate in during the upcoming school year? How about sports teams? Imagine how great your club or team members will look in brand-new custom tees. The Chess Club or Volleyball Team will never look the same again.

For The Grad Class

Each year the students of the graduating class will be wearing custom hoodies or custom tees with their Grad Class info printed on them. When you order these in bulk, you save some money and you can even design them using your graphics or ours at our online design shop.

For Field Trip Souvenirs

There are going to be some pretty exciting places that you are going to visit as part of a field trip during the school year. Imagine being able to relive that experience with a souvenir custom hat that you made and ordered online? Yayprint can help you with that process.

For Something New To Wear

Everyone wants some new clothing to enter the new school year with. Why not design some of your own personalized tees, hats, hoodies or even socks to give your wardrobe a slightly fresh punch. You could even start a cool trend with others wanting your designs on their tees.

For The Home Economics Class

One of the things you are going to be expected to supply in the Home-Ec class, if you are taking it, is an apron. What would you do if we told you that you could make custom aprons online at our website? It is a fact and at Yayprint we provide you with the tools to make that happen.

For The Cheerleading Squad

New, custom hoodies can be created with your school colours, the name of your cheerleading squad and much more. The cheer squad – and even the Pep Squad – would look great in matching custom clothing that you created online at our website.

For Fundraising Activities

Even if you are not a straight A student, you probably still want to remember this school year with a custom t-shirt or hoodie that has your school name and colours. What makes these even better is that when sold as a fundraiser, you are supporting school activities.

For A Gift

As the school year progresses, you may feel compelled to provide a custom tee to someone as a gift. It may be for a retiring teacher, a classmate who is either sick or is about to move away to another school district or for a birthday. Yayprint can help you design what you need.

For That Special Achievement

Made the Honour Roll for the first time? Set a record on the basketball court? Finished first in a road race or gym challenge? Whatever you personal best happens to be, you can celebrate it and share it with others by designing a custom hat or t-shirt announcing this special feat.

For The Kitchen Staff/Hall Monitors

One easy way to identify those who have taken on a special role within your school is with custom clothing. From Hall Monitors to kitchen or support staff, make these people stand out for their commitment with personalized shirts or hats so others will know who they are.

Yayprint Can Get You Prepared For Back To School

Have an idea that would make a great back to school custom t-shirt or hat or hoodie? At Yayprint’s online design shop you can make it happen and even order the finished product so you and your friends can start wearing that design at school!

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