Custom Phone Cases – Why we need them?

Handheld devices, such as a smartphone, can be dropped and when that happens, it often results in disaster. Cracked or shattered display screens make using your device difficult and annoying.

This is one of the many reasons why custom phone cases have become popular accessories. They provide more than just protection of your valuable device.

Here is a look and some of the reasons you need a phone case.

1 – They Can Help You Hide Scratches

Let’s face it, because your phone is going to be in your hands frequently, the back and sides of it risk getting scratched or dinged in some way.

A phone case offers an extra layer of protection keeps those surfaces covered. If your phone does happen to have any marks on it, a phone case will actually hide them from view making your device look as if it were brand new.

2 – They Help You Retain The Value Of Your Phone

If your phone case keeps your phone looking like new, imagine how great it will look in a few years. If you are interested in selling your phone in order to upgrade to a newer model or just to a different brand, the phone case you have on your existing phone will add to the value of it. This makes your upgrade less costly on you as the value of yours will remain high.

3 – They Allow You To Personalize Your Phone

Not only are phone cases functional, you can also use them to add a personal touch to the look of your handheld mobile device.

Personalized and custom phone cases exist that give you many ways to display your personality. From team sports and musical artists to slogans, logos and more, your phone case can say something personal about you instead of just being plain.

4 – They Let You Change The Look Of Your Phone

Sure, you can always have a unique screen saver or background on your phone screen but a phone case will change the entire look of your phone.

Plus, with more than one case you can give your phone a new look each and every day if you really wanted to. The best part is that with each case you continue to protect your phone and the screen.

5 – They Add A Special Coolness To Your Phone

Sure, you could just leave your smartphone the way it is. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but it is boring. If you are anything but dull, you will want to give your phone a cool look with a custom phone case.

Because you are seeking a custom look, you can end up with a phone case that will be one-of-a-kind and totally unique to you. That in itself is very cool.

Now Get Custom Phone Cases At YayPrint

At YayPrint we’ve got your phone covered. It starts with downloading our free mobile app. You can get it at our website or from your preferred app store. Once you open it up you’ll discover that you have access to our online store and design tools. To shop for ready made items, including t-shirts and hats, click the Store button.

To design your own phone case just click on Create. That is where you will be able to take advantage of our design tools and access existing graphics or upload your own.

Once you’d created the custom phone case you want just check out and you can order and ship it to wherever you want. Give your phone case a new skin with help from us at YayPrint!


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