Cyber Monday And T-Shirt Shopping

You’ve likely heard of Cyber Monday, but do you know what it is and how it started? This unusual event dates back to just 2005. It was at that time when the internet was starting to get a lot more interest and the possibilities were widening where you could actually shop for things online.

It is far more commonplace now, but back then, it was still very much a novelty. In an effort to introduce more and more online users to the possibility, Cyber Monday was born.

The National Retail Federation actually took the idea and turned it into an event. The main goal was to give online retailers who did not have actual storefront businesses a way to capture some of the potential revenue that was flowing thanks to Black Friday.

You could say that Cyber Monday was the internet alternative to Black Friday and you would not be too far off in that assessment. However, in the first few years Cyber Monday didn’t really make much impact.

The Connection Today Between Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Thanks to clever marketing in recent years that extended the Black Friday sales to beyond the one day event, shoppers were catching on. Black Friday sales kept extending to beyond a week and the media basically pushed Cyber Monday into the mix as a great way to combine both events.

The first year that both were marketed together saw online retailers experience a significant jump in revenues. Now both events are typically marketed together.

New Technology Improves Cyber Monday

Faster internet speeds and handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones have changed the way we shop. These tools give us easy access to online stores that we can access anytime during the day and anywhere we happen to be.

You can shop online during your lunch break, on the bus ride to work, while walking the dog and whatever else your life includes. With the advent of this new technology, it has given Cyber Monday a better opportunity than it once had.

Considering the marketing of Black Friday and Cyber Monday together over the years, online shoppers are getting more and more tuned into saving on their holiday shopping on these special dates.

How YayPrint Fits Into Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday happens to be a natural fit for YayPrint. That’s because we are just an online retailer. We rely on the internet for our customers to reach us and use our online tools to personalize their gifts.

We make use of all the best that the internet has to offer from a solid retail platform to secure checkout and superior graphics and navigation to make your online shopping experience with us a good one.

We want you to come back and if Cyber Monday is your first visit, you’ll find some great deals and some great ideas for gift giving this Christmas.

Start Your Online Shopping With Us At YayPrint

It is very easy to shop at our online store. But first, you need to have our app. Just download the app from your preferred app store. It is a free download wherever you get it from. Once you open it you can start to create fresh and new gift products. You can choose to create t-shirts, hats, aprons, totes and much more.

Our online graphic library can give you the inspiration you need. Once you’ve created your gift, check out and you are good to go. Cyber Monday or not, you will find our online store to be fun, exciting and always changing. For a new experience in gift shopping, visit our online store today and save!

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