Different Uses For Old T-Shirts – Part 1

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As sad as it may sound, your favorite t-shirt is not going to last forever. Sure, you can take the best of care in keeping it clean and looking its best, but there is going to be something you won’t be able to fight in order to protect the way your t-shirt will eventually look.

That is time. Nothing lasts forever and that includes t-shirts. However, you can still enjoy that t-shirt by turning it into something else rather than throwing it away. In fact, if you repurpose that old t-shirt you are recycling, which is good for the environment as you kept it out of the landfill.

Here are a few ideas on what you can turn that old t-shirt into and still get some life out of it.



Here’s a really cool way to keep your favorite t-shirt design around long after you quit being able to wear it. Just stretch the t-shirt over a canvas and hang it on a wall as an art display.


There are several ways to reuse t-shirts for pets. You can sew three or four of them together to make a dog blanket or dog bedding. You can tie them into knots and they can become tugging dog toys or chew toys. T-shirts also make great recovery shirts for dogs that can’t adapt to wear collar cones.


Old t-shirts can be converted into baby-friendly jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, earring and scarves. They can also be turned into headbands. All you have to do to create any of these items is to cut the t-shirts into narrow strips and braid, knot or use macramé methods to transform them into something new to wear.


There are several ways to turn an old t-shirt into a lampshade. You can sew a couple of them together and pull them right over the lampshade frame. Or you can cut the t-shirts into stripes and weave or macramé them into lampshade covers.

Hair Care

T-shirts that are cut or torn into stripes can be fashioned into all kinds of products to be worn in your hair. You can tie your hair back with them, braid them into your hair for a funky look or even wear them as a head covering.


In addition to outfitting your garden scarecrow with a t-shirt, you can cut them into strips and turn them into plant ties to help support growing plants. You can also use strips tied to stakes to identify crops that you’ve planted.

Doll Clothes

By cutting the material in t-shirts up you can sew new doll clothes and accessories. For the doll house, t-shirts cut into smaller pieces can act as bedding, rugs, carpets, wall hangings and much more.


This is one of the most popular second-lives of the average t-shirt. They do a great job of soaking up spills and cleaning all kinds of surfaces. You can rip the t-shirts into strips or use them as they are and they are effective either way.

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