How To Make Money Selling Vintage T-Shirts

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T-shirts are such an important part of our culture that they are also considered a collectible. Vintage t-shirts, depending on their condition and the message printed on them, can be worth a few dollars.


In fact, many collectors have made the art of buying and selling vintage t-shirts a profitable side income. But how do you do it? Here are a few tips to help you sort out whether or not you may be able to turn a fun hobby into a little extra cash in your pocket.

1 – Know The Difference

The most important thing to know about vintage t-shirts is that originals are always worth more than imitations. There are many ways to identify the good ones from the bad ones. Your first clue will be the condition the t-shirt is in. Although this is not always conclusive, it will give you are point to start with. You can learn more on what sells a vintage t-shirt with online research.

2 – Do Your Homework

You can buy up all the vintage t-shirts you can find, but unless there are buyers for them, you just filled your closet. You should conduct research online at shopping and bidding sites to see what types of t-shirts are popular. Then seek those out. Research frequently in order to stay on top of changing trends. This will keep you current and give you ‘targets’ to look for.


3 – Start Looking Nearby

Oddly enough, you can start your t-shirt shopping at garage and yard sales near where you live. Also visit thrift shops and second-hand clothing stores. You may be surprised at some of the great finds you’ll be able to pick up at these locations. Also search online buy and sell pages to see what is being sold. Plus, they will give you an idea of pricing levels for your sales.

4 – Know What Makes A Vintage T-Shirt Valuable

The worn look of a t-shirt that has been around is one of the attractions to collectors. However, other signs of wear may render that t-shirt you just found worthless in the collector market. Rips, stretched out collars and smoking scents are not good. However, some fading and cracking of logos are acceptable. It really does depend a lot on what is on the t-shirt.

5 – Try To Imagine Yourself As A Collector

Once you master the ‘eye’ of a person who would be buying vintage t-shirts for either a collection or as a keepsake, you will have a better idea of what t-shirts to buy when you come across them. Pay attention to those with graphics promoting products, defunct sporting teams and old TV shows or movies. All of these ‘retro’ items continue to be hot items.

6 – Keep Emotions Out Of The Equation

If you are buying vintage t-shirts of a particular theme because you are fond of them, you may be missing the point slightly. Your goal is to flip these t-shirts as a means to generate some income. When you become too attached to the ones you are buying, you are affecting your inventory. Keep your favorites out of the stack you want to sell.


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