How To Promote Your Yayprint Online Store

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Now that you have launched your Yayprint online store, you have joined over 50,000 other designers who are selling products on the internet.

But how do you get the word out that your designs are perfect for t-shirts, hats, hoodies, aprons, phone cases and more? Easy. You have to use the power of the online marketing to get traffic to your new Yayprint store.


Here’s how you do it:

1 – Start A Blog

Yup, it’s that easy. All you have to do is find a blog site online (just ask Google for ‘blog sites’) and launch your own blog.

Provided you write and publish blog posts related to your Yayprint online store, you will be able to attract search engines to your blog which will start to bring human traffic there as well. Write things like, “Why Custom Designed T-Shirts Are So Popular” or “Check Out My New Phone Case Designs” to get you started.

2 – Create A Facebook Business/Fan Page

There is no denying that Facebook is the largest social network in the universe so it just makes sense to use it to your advantage.

Launch a fan or business page on Facebook and invite all your friends to join it. Ask them to share it with their friends and be sure to post something on it daily about your designs and how to find your Yayprint online store.

3 – Run A Facebook Ad Campaign

Once you get your Facebook page in place and have some followers, expand the audience reach with a Facebook ad campaign.

These are easy to create, are cost effective and very efficient. You can use it to promote your message (“Check out my new Yayprint online store”) and target the people you want to reach as potential customers. It will bring you results.

4 – Run A Google/Bing Ads Campaign

Remember, not everyone who uses the internet is on Facebook so adding Google and Bing ad campaigns will reach those people online who are interested in your designs but don’t know it yet. These types of ad campaigns work much like Facebook, cost-effective and bring results.

5 – Email Marketing With A Newsletter

Direct marketing is a powerful way to reach people. By requesting email addresses through your other marketing tools you’ll be able to send potential customers special information about your Yayprint online store direct to their inbox. Announce a new product – customized socks – or offer a special deal that is just for your email clients. Another very effective marketing tool.

6 – Seek Guest Posting Opportunities

Why not make use of the higher rankings and traffic of other websites or blogs to help give you some extra traffic? That’s the beauty of guest posting.

You can ask Google (“guest posting opportunities’) for some assistance. Remember, if you are looking for places to guest post, you should let others guest post at your website or blog site as well.

7 – Use Other Social Networks

The best thing about social networks is that each one has a slightly different audience. Plus, many can be linked together so that you only have to make one post but it can be fed out to multiple social networks at the same time.

Good ones to include in your Yayprint online store promotions include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

8 – Keep Up On SEO

SEO is search engine optimization and there are many different tricks you can use to attract search engines to your Yayprint online store.

The best ones include the use of keywords (“custom t shirts”) and backlinks (linking to other online stores like yours to share traffic and exposure). When you keep your SEO current, you will be able to keep ahead of trends.

In Conclusion

If you thought launching your Yayprint online store was easy, once you get a handle on the above-noted ways to attract traffic to it, you’ll begin to experience success as an online store owner.

Yes, it will take some extra work, but anything worth having usually requires some kind of effort. Your Yayprint online store is one such example.



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