How To Properly Fit A T-Shirt in 2019

If you think you can just grab any old t-shirt from your dresser and throw it on, you may be missing something. As comfortable as they are, the best looking t-shirts are the ones that are properly fitted to your body.

But do you really know what it means to have a t-shirt that is fitted properly? It doesn’t matter what your body shape or size is, there is a way to fit the t-shirt perfectly to your body. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

1 – The Neck Opening

There are two different neck styles in t-shirts – the crew and the V. Both require different attention. If you wear crew neck tees, they should not be too tight or too loose around the neck.

Plus, if the collar appears to be stretched or your shoulder is visible when you have a t-shirt on, the neck is far too loose. For v-necks, avoid deep V’s. The general rule of thumb is that the bottom of the V should not extend past the top of your armpits.

2 – The Sleeves

A good fitting t-shirt will have sleeves that lightly hug your arms and extend to about mid-bicep. If the sleeves have a lot of room or slack around the bicep, the t-shirt is too loose. Of course, if you prefer this look, fine but a t-shirt that is properly fitted won’t have slack or loose sleeves.

3 – The Body

Regardless of your body type, this rule applies to everyone. If the t-shirt is properly fitted, you should be able to pinch between one and two inches of fabric at either side of your stomach. Remember, we said pinch, not pull. Any more or less means you need to change sizes of tee. You want to avoid a great deal of extra fabric drooping down from the sides as that just looks sloppy.

4 – The Length

The t-shirt should hang down and end between the upper and mid crotch area. When the t-shirt goes as far as the upper crotch bear in mind that when reaching above your head that you may reveal some of your stomach.

If that is not an issue, then upper crotch will be long enough. Naturally, if you intend to tuck your t-shirt into your pants, you may require a little more length to permit that.

5 – The Chest

This is a region that often gets overlooked. There is nothing wrong with a t-shirt that fits tightly in the chest but for better comfort, it should just hang from the shoulders and cascade down over your waist.

The exception being women’s t-shirts which contain more fabric in the chest area to accommodate the female form. Again, too tight may not be the look you are after.

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