The Best Places To Wear A Tuxedo T-Shirt

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and Tuxedo T-shirt is could be the perfect outfit solution! You’ve likely seen them. If you are lucky, you may even own one or two. We’re talking about the most formal of the t-shirts in the world – the tuxedo t-shirt.

Sure, it’s nothing more than a print on a white t-shirt that resembles that of a tuxedo. It’s a way to get around the established protocol of formal wear.

However, there are some places where you should be able to wear it and fit in. Other places will not be quite the same. Here’s a look at the top places to wear your tuxedo t-shirt.

1 – The Crazy House Party

Okay, we already know that the tuxedo t-shirt is not really intended to be a piece of formal wear. With this in mind, you can easily wear one at a casual house party. Even if the house party is anything but casual, you’ll sort of fit in…provided you are wearing jeans and not dress pants.

2 – The Office

There is probably just one way in which you’ll be able to pull this look off at work. That’ll be if you happen to be the boss and you are playing around with the dress code. Even then it may still be a bit on the iffy side. This will most definitely not work on any Casual Friday.

3 – On A Date

This can be a bit tricky to figure out. There are times when the tuxedo t-shirt is a good fit for a date – for example, if the date is something like a movie where no one can really see what you are wearing. This means, on a dinner date, leave the tuxedo t-shirt at home.

4 – To A Funeral

Well, unless the deceased and all surviving family members had/have a great sense of humour, you may want to wear this under something else. Naturally, at the gathered following the service you may get a chance to reveal your tuxedo t-shirt as part of a story about the departed.

5 – To A Costume Party

You know, this may be the most common and somewhat safest place to display that formal looking t-shirt. You can wear a mask if you wish to pretend that you are rich, possibly famous and most definitely an unusual character. Just avoid the superhero costumes.

6 – To Your Own Wedding

Unless you are getting married by an Elvis impersonator somewhere in Las Vegas, wearing your tuxedo t-shirt to your own wedding may be quickly followed up with a trip to a lawyer’s office. By the way, the tuxedo t-shirt won’t help you much there, either.

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