The Best T-Shirt Brands

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What is the best t-shirt brand? Well, there is no easy answer because there are several things to consider.

They include construction, materials, quality of both, style and cut, comfort and well, you get the idea. However, we have a list of what we would consider some of the best quality t-shirt brands out there.

But before we get to it, what do you consider a good t-shirt brand? Price and durability should be part of your decision. The same goes for whether or not you are wearing the t-shirt for business or pleasure.

There are higher end brands that are suitable for semi-casual settings as well as fitting in perfectly at the workplace. Other t-shirt brands are best for relaxing.

Here is our list of the top t-shirt brands:

1 – Nike, Inc.

This company was formed in 1964 in the United States and is best known for fashionable sportswear ranging from clothing to footwear and more. The t-shirts manufactured by this company are comfortable and intended for active lifestyles. But you can still get away with having a couple of these in your t-shirt closet.

2 – Adidas

Formed in Germany in 1924, this company has undergone several changes but still features athletic footwear and apparel. Another example of an active lifestyle clothing line, Adidas brand t-shirts are as good to wear running a marathon as they are out with the gang hitting the clubs. You should have at least one of these.

3 – Tommy Hilfiger

Established in the United States in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger the brand (named after the founder) is easily one of the most recognizable designer brands out there. With several different product lines that general fall under the categories of clothing and fashion, these t-shirts are classic and stunning.

4 – Lacoste

Named after one of the founding partners, Lacoste was launched in 1933 in France. It has several product lines including clothing, eyewear, footwear, perfumes and more. The design t-shirts manufactured by this company feature a branding of a crocodile on the chest of each shirt.

5 – Burberry

Formed in 1856 in England and named after the founder, Burberry is a fashion industry leader. The t-shirts manufactured by this company give your wardrobe a touch of class and elegance simply because of the longevity of the brand.

6 – Diesel

This fashion brand was launched in 1978 in Italy. If you have one of these t-shirts in your collection, you have one of the best brands out there. Designed for comfort and looks, this designer brand is very well-known and has an easy to remember name.

7 – Levi Strauss

Formed in 1853 in the United States, the company bears the name of its founder. Originally known for the manufacture of blue jeans, Levi Strauss Ltd. expanded into other clothing products but continues to be associated with casual, relaxed comfort. One of these t-shirts in your closet will give you something to just chill in when needed.

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