The Connection Between Black Friday And T-Shirts

Black Friday was originally nothing to do with holiday shopping. In fact, the first time the term was used was on September 24, 1869. That was when the gold market in the United States crashed. It was the work of two Wall Street financiers who worked as a team to buy as much of the gold they could.

The scheme, according to the pair – Jay Gould and Jim Fisk – was that if they did this, it would drive the price so high that the partners could sell their gold and make massive profits. Their plan hit the skids that Friday and the stock market dove into a spiral that wiped out everyone regardless of the size of their bank accounts.

The Black Friday – As We Know It

There are two different stories, with variations on each theme as to how Black Friday became a shopping event. One version is that back in the 1950’s, the term was used by the city police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They coined the term to describe the chaos that followed the day after American Thanksgiving when shoppers flooded the city prior to an annual football game. Extra men were required to deal with traffic and crowds gathering everywhere within the city.

The other version is the one that tends to be told the most. It involves retailers trying to make their yearend numbers improve following close to eleven months of weak sales figures.

As these businesses found themselves operating at a loss – in the red – slashing prices and creating a marketing plan to attract shoppers started to change their fortunes. Once it caught on, struggling retailers could earn enough on Black Friday to see their books return to being in the black.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s when Black Friday resurfaced and was reinvented. It was still related to retailers and their need to change their business income from red to black, but instead of the focus on that, price discounts became the main magnet.

The one-day sale has also been altered in recent years to be events that run for a week or more but are still referred to as Black Friday sales. The bottom line is that the goal is to hit high sales targets in a short time frame.

The Connection Between T-Shirts And Black Friday

As retailers continue to push the envelope and create innovative marketing programs, Black Friday has also crept into online shopping venues. In some cases, the online Black Friday sales are not connected in any way with the storefront sales of the same business or company.

This marketing ploy is used to encourage shoppers to shift their consuming habits to the internet where costs are less for retailers and this makes profits higher in the long run.

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