The Funniest St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts

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Call it the luck of the Irish or just a reason to get a little bit drunk – St. Patrick’s Day is drawing near. Regardless of your views on the annual mid-March celebration, there is no shortage of funny t-shirts to get you in the mood.

In fact, this happens to be one celebration where funny t-shirts come for all members of the family.

Here is a look at our top picks for the funniest St. Patrick’s Day shirts:

Women’s St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts

Sarcasm, humor, and physical attributes seem to be the order of the day when it comes to the funny designs, sayings, and graphics you’ll find for women’s shirts. Our top picks are noted below.

1 – Double D, Indeed!

The top pick in this category is a bright green t-shirt with the following written in white filling the entire front of the shirt: “I put the Double D’s in St. Paddy’s Day!” It also features two strategically placed white shamrocks above this saying as if they are covering breasts.

2 – Team Ginger!

It’s funny how just a single word can explain so much about a redheaded gal. In Ireland, such lasses are referred to as being a ‘ginger’ due to the color of their hair. This particular t-shirt celebrates that fact. It features the words, “Team Ginger” in red on a green fitted tee.

Men’s St. Patrick Tees

Drinking, fighting, swearing and more drinking and fighting pretty much sums up the best men’s St. Patrick’s shirts on the market. Here is a quick look at our top picks:

1 – Play On Words

One of the best ways to grab attention with a St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt is one where you can have some fun with wordplay. So a tee with “Irish You Were Naked” on it makes nothing but sense. Find it on a black shirt, written in white and featuring a large green shamrock at the bottom.

2 – Drinking And Fighting…Again

Poking fun at organized fighting is a logical target combined with the fighting spirit of the average Irishman. This funny t-shirt is in green and features a pun-in-cheek simple statement that works on many levels. It simply states, “Let’s get ready to stumble.”

3 – Speaking of Drinking and Fighting…

We’re not trying to suggest anything here, but there is most certainly a pattern to the theme of most men’s St. Patrick shirts. This one is green with the white lettering upside down. It clearly states, “If you can read this, put me back on my bar stool.”

Children’s St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts

You can’t leave out your little leprechauns when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. That is why there are many junior and children’s shirts available. It wasn’t easy narrowing down the selection, but here are our favorites for these members of your family:

1 – Ouch!

Strong-willed is what we will say is the dominant personality trait of the average child of Irish ancestry. That’s why a green tee with the words, “Pinch Me And I’ll Punch You” in white just makes sense. This is a child you just may want to steer clear of for about ten years.

2 – We Need A Translator

Remember what we were telling you about Irish gals? They are most certainly a special kind of girl. Regardless of their age, a t-shirt with, “Yes, I’m An Irish Girl…I speak Fluent Sarcasm” written all over it will get that message across quickly that you have to beware…or behave.

3 – Add A Pinch Of Sass

Ah, yes. The older they get, the more they become like their parents. For young girls who are seeking some attention, this funny St. Patrick shirt is a perfect choice. Written in green around a large shamrock on a white tee are the words, “Sassy Lassie.”

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Or Any Other Day With A Funny T-Shirt

Even if you are not shopping for funny St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts, you will be able to find funny shirts for all occasions online. Regardless of what you are celebrating, t-shirts are easy to customize to suit your needs. There couldn’t be an easier way to shop for funny tees. 

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