The Only Ten T-Shirts You Need To Own

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T-shirts are easily one of the few essentials you need in your wardrobe. But how many of them do you really need? Well, as it turns out, if you really had to butcher your t-shirt collection, there are only ten t-shirts you really need to have hanging in your clothes closet. We are not making this up. Here is a complete breakdown on the only t-shirts you need and why you should have each of them.

1 – Classic White


You can’t go wrong with a classic white t-shirt. This style is similar to the originals from the 1950s that have shorter sleeves. One of these goes well just with jeans or makes a perfect statement under a denim jacket.

2 – Henley


The Henley t-shirt adds a touch of style to the look of a tee. It can be worn in many different places that a classic t-shirt can’t and looks great under flannel when the cooler months arrive.

3 – Marled Grey

To begin with, the color gives you some options. A marled grey t-shirt looks as great with jeans as it does with shorts. Wear it under a navy blazer and you’ve got a sharp combo.

4 – Bold

A bold graphic t-shirt is one that stands out from the crowd and screams for attention. There are several to choose from and they give you a venue to share an opinion without opening your mouth.

5 – Down Low

The down low t-shirt is basically the opposite of the bold tee. These are the cool t-shirts with graphics that offer you some color choice but can still look good under a blazer.

6 – Nautical Stripe

A nautical stripe t-shirt hints at a Navy feel and dates back far beyond the classic tee. Regardless, one of these looks great alone with jeans, slacks and just about anything else to dress it up a touch.

7 – Non-Nautical Stripe

This is a t-shirt that happens to have wider stripes on it. They look great in many different clothing combos and hint at the 70s surfer culture in pastel colors that make everyone smile.

8 – Pocket


Even if you have nothing to actually put in the small chest pocket of this t-shirt, the look is great. Faded jeans are a great compliment to the standard pocket t-shirt.

9 – Bright

The bright t-shirt is the one tee in your closet that can be a secret weapon when you need to add some dash and flash to a situation. Pick the brightest color you dare to wear and this is the one that will get you noticed.

10 – Long Sleeve


This is not the long sleeve t-shirt that you only wear on chilly nights, although it would come in handy at that time. This tee is a nice change up from the classic and goes with anything.

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