Tips On Creating A Custom T-Shirt Design

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So you think you have some creative talent and want to apply that to designing your own custom t-shirts? Well, that is awesome and we can help you get your message across easily with our handy online tools. At YayPrint, we are always ready to lend a hand with your custom design work. In fact, here are a few tips on creating your very own custom t-shirt design.

1 – Go Big Or Go Home



If your custom t-shirt design includes a logo of any kind, there is a simple rule to follow in order for it to get noticed. The logo has to be large enough that it can be seen and recognized from a distance. If your goal is to make a strong first impression with your custom t-shirt design, it has to be easy to read, understand and comprehend.

The best custom t-shirts are those that can be just barely glanced at in order to know what is being said and what the business is that is represented.

2 – Think Out Of The Box


You know how a catchy phrase sticks out in your mind? It’s the same with advertising. A snappy, easy to remember but unique slogan will give you brand recognition and when you have such an iconic tag line, it should figure prominently on the custom t-shirts being used to promote your business or service.

In fact, some of the best t-shirts are those that contain just a key phrase and a logo or graphic that is relevant to that tag line.

3 – Select Good Quality T-Shirt Fabric


Sure, we get it. You are on a budget and can’t blow the bank account just on t-shirts. However, opting for the absolutely cheapest brand of cotton t-shirts is about as useful as not advertising at all.

That’s because poorly made t-shirts won’t last long and your advertising message may end up in the trash or torn up as rags instead of being worn and working for you as a marketing tool. You don’t have to get the most expensive t-shirts, either. Just avoid the poorest quality ones.

4 – Be Careful What Message You Use


We know that sometimes it is easy to try to be funny with an advertising message on a custom t-shirt. However, it is as important to get that message right and not use something that could be considered offensive.

We live in a different world than generations before us and as a result our marketing efforts have to be in good taste. If you choose to go in a different direction than that, bear in mind that the message you use will probably do more harm than good to your brand.

See YayPrint For All Your Custom T-Shirt Needs

Download our mobile app. That will give you 24/7/365 access to our online custom t-shirt ordering system. On it you’ll find all kinds of ideas, organized according to category, and you’ll also find out what designs are popular and trending.

The system allows you to design your own custom t-shirt using some of our graphics or by uploading your own.

And the best thing is that you can design and order you custom t-shirts any time of the day and from anywhere around the world.

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