Top 8 Funny Halloween T-Shirts

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Halloween T-Shirts are a fun and interesting way to celebrate the spookiest of the dates on the calendar.

They permit you to display your personal thoughts on the subject without the need for a costume.

Plus, everyone loves a good Halloween prank and custom t-shirts have become a normal source for that.

To get you in the mood for Halloween, here is our list of the top 8 funny Halloween t-shirts.

1 – Zombie Mommy and Daddy Halloween T-Shirts

This is probably the best way to get the entire family involved in celebrating Halloween.

The zombie t-shirts fit and wear like normal tees but each feature bleeding letters that reveal the wearer as either a Zombie Mommy or a Zombie Daddy. To add to the fun there are Zombie Boy and Zombie Girl tees to identify the children in the family.

2 – Don’t Worry, It’s Not Mine

In addition to orange being the color of Halloween, blood red tends to also be associated with the date as well for some reason.

With a custom Halloween t-shirt that features a blood splatter design on the front and the words “Don’t Worry, It’s Not Mine” you quickly understand exactly what we mean about that.

3 – No Time For Tricks

Hey, we get it. Some of us are just too busy in our day-to-day lives to slow down and soak up all that spooky stuff that comes along at this time of the year. It’s okay. If this sounds a lot like you, then you’ll need the “No Time For Tricks” custom Halloween tee.

4 – I’m Here For The Boos

The English language is fun. What makes Halloween just a little more entertaining is the adult parties that can fill up the evening.

If you plan on hosting or attending one, be sure to wear this custom t-shirt with a ghost holding a drink stating the obvious, “I’m Here For The Boos” which sounds a lot like “I’m Here For The Booze.” We said English was fun, right?

5 – Pumpkin Pi

Even geeks know enough to dress for Halloween. If you know a geek who needs to be decked out in the current Halloween fashion, you can take care of that with this special math geek tee. It features a pumpkin and the symbol for Pi. Get it? Don’t make us explain it to you.

6 – Keep Calm And…

Halloween happens to be a time of year when custom t-shirts with ‘Keep Calm…” advice tend to surface. We happen to have two faves that fall under that category. One says “Keep Calm And Scary” while the other states “Keep Calm And Trick Or Treat.” Either way, you should be relaxed.

7 – Trick Or Drink

Let’s revisit the Halloween party scene. It doesn’t take long to see that there are many different custom Halloween t-shirts on the market that reflect the main goal of getting smashed like a rotten pumpkin. One that caught our eye says it best: “Trick Or Drink.” ‘Nuff said.

8 – Witch Better Have My Candy

Our list comes to a close with the sound of a demanding trick-or-treater. This long-sleeved personalized Halloween t-shirt makes it clear that the wearer knows what he or she wants and well, better get something out of showing up at your doorstep.

Halloween t-shirts

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