Top T-Shirt World Records

As you know, records are being set and broken on a regular basis. In fact, some records will stands for years and even decades where others have a much shorter lifespan.

These are the records that may be around just for days or a few hours. Regardless, being able to hold a world record of any kind gives us something to brag about. As humans, we desire having some of our accomplishments recorded to show others that we have done something significant in our lives.

Then there are those records that are of a different kind of feat. The unusual, wacky and strange records are still notes of interest but are generally inspired by something other than athletic or scholastic skills. As it turns out, there happen to be a number of world records related to t-shirts. We are going to take a look at a few of them here. Bear in mind that there is a good chance that all of these will be outdated by the time you reach the end of this article.

1 – You Could Have Used A Laundromat


It was on January 25, 2012 when a fellow named Art Hoffman of Louisville, Kentucky made it into the record books. He did this by stuffing a total of 50 t-shirts into a kitchen appliance. His record is “Most T-Shirts Stuffed In A Microwave.” We have no idea what the sizes were but we doubt any were XL or XXL.

2 – You Could Have Used A Down-Filled Jacket

Sanath Bandara of Colombo, Sri Lanka set a rather odd world record on December 22, 2011. That was when he managed to get a total of 257 t-shirts on. The record is identified as “Most T-Shirts Worn At Once” and we could easily have found a different way to dress for inclement weather.

3 – You Could Have Used Automation


The Liouguei District Office in Kaohsiung City, Taipei set a record on March 28, 2015 when 1,000 workers got together to complete the task. The record they set is known as “Most People Simultaneously Folding T-Shirts (1,000 shirts).” Who knew?

4 – You Could Have Just Thrown Them In A Closet


Kaito Koizumi of Minato, Tokyo, Japan is fast. Well, at least he is when it comes to doing laundry. On May 6, 2015 he set the world record for “Fastest Time To Hang Up Five T-Shirts” with an official time of 27.93 seconds.

5 – You Could Have Used A Canvas


Marca Ariel da P&G set the world record for the “Largest T-Shirt Mosaic” with a total of 4,224 t-shirts. The feat was accomplished on June 1, 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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