What Are The Cheapest Custom T-Shirts?

Before we examine the answer to that question, we have to first take a closer look at the reasons why you would order cheap custom t-shirts in the first place. The most logical reason we can think of it to promote a business, event or activity. With this in mind, here are ways in order to do that without spending a lot of money out of your advertising budget.

1 – Making Your Custom T-Shirt

When designing a custom t-shirt to promote a business or service there are a few simple guidelines to follow. The goal here is to create something that is effective in getting your message across without complication.

T-shirts with too much on them tend to blur the purpose of the advertising message and end up becoming a waste of marketing money.

There are just a few things you should have on your custom t-shirt that will sell your service. They are:

A – Your Logo

If your business has a clear and easy to read and understand logo, this should be the main focus of your custom t-shirt design. Your logo creates brand awareness and should speak for you in such a way that it is highly recognizable and instantly identifies as being your business.

B – The Grabber Graphic Or Quote

Something that grabs your attention is called a grabber. Your t-shirt design should have a sharp, dynamic and brilliant graphic or quote to make it stand out from all other t-shirts with messages on them. Once you find that grabber, you will be well on your way with your design.

C – The Back

You probably already know how effective a two-sided business card is. Think of your custom t-shirt in the same way and you’ll be able to make use of that extra space on the back of it. You can expand on your chosen message or just add additional information without a problem.

D – Colors

The right color combination can make your custom t-shirt a masterpiece and a cost-effective marketing tool. The wrong color combination just turns them into rags. Not only do you have to pay attention to the actual color choice, but the shade of those colors is as crucial.

E – Contact Information

Once you get people’s attention with the great looking t-shirt design, you have to give them information on how to get in contact with you. This is a perfect place to include a phone number, email address or website so potential customers can track you down for your business.

2 – Order Your Cheap Custom T-Shirts From YayPrint

Well, now that you have a better idea on what you need to have on your custom t-shirts, let’s take a stab at answering the first question. The cheapest custom t-shirts are available from YayPrint. But you have to download our free mobile app first in order to access our online store.

Or, if you are serious about designing your own custom t-shirts and saving a few bucks in the process, just enter the ‘create’ side of the app. Once in there you’ll be able to design your very own t-shirts will various online tools. You can even upload your pre-designed creative content and edit it online.

The next time you need the cheapest custom t-shirts money can buy, turn to YayPrint  for everything from designing to shipping and ordering of your large or small bulk orders of t-shirts.

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