Why Designing Ugly Christmas T-Shirts Is Fun

You’ve heard of the ugly Christmas sweater, right? Well, how about the ugly Christmas t-shirt? You know they are out there. You may have even been given one a few years ago that got buried somewhere in a pile of shirts.

Believe it or not, we feel that the ugly Christmas t-shirt is a trend worth embracing and celebrating.

What makes this such a fun way to celebrate the holiday season is that you can actually design your own ugly Christmas t-shirt.

Here are the steps to guide you through the process:

1 – The Inspiration

Here’s where you basically put together the foundation of your message. You have to think visually and consider all the possibilities. You can head in several directions with this.

First, you could just stick with traditional graphics ranging from Santa, elves, reindeer and Winter scenes. Once you pick your main theme, you can move on to the next step.

2 – The Color

Nothing makes an ugly Christmas t-shirt stand out from the crowd more than a poorly (but skillfully) chosen color. Remember, you are aiming for ‘ugly’ here, not ‘pretty’ or anything close to that. If you need a word to help you nail this step, think ‘clash’ as you really want the colors in your theme graphic to stand out with a t-shirt color that does anything but compliment it.

3 – The Extra Graphics

Your message has to be so obvious that you don’t need to explain it when someone sees your ugly Christmas t-shirt. So, if the inspirational theme is Santa, then the additional graphics you will add should have at least a slight connection to that. Choose toys, reindeer and anything else you would expect to see near Santa as the extra parts of your message.

4 – The Extra Colors

The key behind having a very ugly Christmas t-shirt design is to incorporate as many outlandish colors as possible. In addition to the t-shirt color, use graphics that make your overall message loud, somewhat sane but very much on the side of the scale that would be considered an eyesore. If someone flinches the first time they set eyes on your creation, you’ll know you got it right.

5 – The Balance

As hard as it may be to visualize, it isn’t very hard to overdo a design to the point where it doesn’t have any effect whatsoever. In other words, there is a fine line between ‘ugly t-shirt’ and ‘what the heck happened here?’ and your goal is to be somewhere in the middle of that scale. Try to keep from layering too much on top of each other as a means to stay in the Ugly Zone.

6 – The Finishing Touches

You know that the best thing about an ugly Christmas t-shirt is the way in which it assaults the senses. What makes them even more interesting is the way in which you wear them.

For the best effect, dress casually with one of these under a button up shirt and then when the time is right, reveal and show off! You’ll be the hit of the party without any extra effort.

Got Your Design In Mind? Visit YayPrint To Finish It Off

Nothing makes designing an ugly Christmas t-shirt easier than being able to do it online. Just download our mobile app. With it you’ll be able to create all kinds of things, including ugly t-shirt designs.

You can upload your own design, create one from scratch or use parts of designs already in our archives.

Even if you haven’t got you own inspiration, just scroll through our online collection to see what others have created and you’ll be able to access these and other seasonal graphics.

Trust us, we’ve got some pretty nasty graphics and design elements to choose from to assist you with creating that special – yet ugly – Christmas t-shirt!



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